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Referring to point 3. The graph inaccurately shows bitcoin "bubble" starting from 2019. However, the redline should start in 2009. Which bubble lasted 12 years and counting? Also, a logarithmic chart would be more useful, as there were many "bubbles" in bitcoin after every halving, resulting in an 80% correction to a yet higher price than before. You can't see that in a linear chart. The question one has to ask after 12 years is, HOW would a new and from the properties superior (1) store of value, which possibly is resulting in a medium of exchange (2) at some later point develop over a 12 year horizon? With a 600 billion market cap, maybe it's time to amuse the possibility that when enough people believe in something has a store of value, it indeed becomes a store of value e.g. gold.

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